Manifesting Destiny


Today, I announce my presidency. Please join me on this journey. I have stickers.

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Generation (X + Y)

On being a generational cusper.

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On Not Reading or Even Listening to The Omnivore’s Dilemma

In which a lauded book about an important subject sends me into a fugue state.

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A Poem

here:there banner

A poem appears today in the magazine here/there poetry.

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On “Not Owing Anybody Anything”

summer hat thumbnail

A nice interview with Evan Karp in SFWeekly‘s The Write Stuff, in which I answer extremely personal questions accompanied by a promotional photograph in which, as usual,
I am depicted in a state of undress.

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The President of the United States

presidential seal

Manifesting destiny.

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My Writing Process Blog Tour

hermes typewriter diagram

In which I interview myself about my own writing process and pass it on.

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Little Lady Leader Learners’ Multi-Pitching Day Out


Someone cries like a baby while I’m cruxing. Luckily, it is not me, but an actual baby.

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