An Autumnal Equinox Birthday Wine Review

My surname does not mean “wine stone.” It means wine sediment, or dregs.

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Reading Hemingway on BART on the way to jetBlue Flight 644

I had skipped ahead to the end of the Hemingway novel and knew it was sad. The soldier’s lover hemorrhaged after their baby was born dead. I read slowly from the middle after that, dreading the ending. But now on the train to the airport I was close to the end. The soldier and his […]

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One of Many

7:00 a.m. Alarm wakes me from sex dream. (Just so we’re clear, uncomfortable details of the sex dream will not herein be revealed.) The day is off to a resounding start as already a discovery has been made, a point proven: alarms are dangerous and can wake you from sex dreams. It is one of […]

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