Music, or Tears

One of those days, those days, woke up with a knot in my stomach, a lump in my throat, a sinking sensation, a sense of foreboding. No particular reason, other than the days of my life, the horror of time, the relentlessness of selfhood, and the pointlessness of words, the futility of my efforts, the […]

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The (Mid)Week That Was

It was a manic-depressive week of extreme highs and lows. Days of impressive productivity and pleasant megalomania alternated with hazes of mundane erranda, creeping despair. The middle of the week, that dubious stretch from Tuesday to Thursday, was particularly action-packed, garnished in the center with a perfect soupcon of Wednesday ennui. Tuesday Tuesday I interviewed […]

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Among my notably paint-spattered articles of clothing, the white undershirt with the brown paint is probably the least evocative. My army pants are smeared with all the colors of our current apartment; the red streak on my one pair of shorts matches the wall in the hallway. In a closet full of sentimental clothing (My […]

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