Found Religion

Having spent the entire month of February abstaining from all vices except chocolate, I now find myself at home on Saturday night reading the Bible. But Exodus was like a movie I’d seen one too many times (and that movie is called The Ten Commandments), and I soon abandoned the Old Testament for the internet, […]

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Going to suburbia, especially if one escaped suburbia, especially if one felt stifled in suburbia, if one drove aimlessly from one end of town to the other in the middle of the night trying to work up the nerve to drive out of the town, off the long island where it was located, and far, […]

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Love and White Slaveowning Men

My favorite holiday of this weekend is already over. That would be Friday the 13th. On Friday the 13th, the unlucky day, you can feel lucky if nothing goes wrong. I got up, I made a sandiwch, I dressed, i did some work-related errands, I had a hot chocolate, I went to an art opening, […]

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