Love and White Slaveowning Men

My favorite holiday of this weekend is already over. That would be Friday the 13th. On Friday the 13th, the unlucky day, you can feel lucky if nothing goes wrong. I got up, I made a sandiwch, I dressed, i did some work-related errands, I had a hot chocolate, I went to an art opening, I didn’t die. Now that, folks, is a holiday. The rest of the so-called “holidays” are simply carefully orchestrated consumer orgies enacted on dates that used to be reserved for the sacrificing of virgins.

Now it is time to celebrate love and dead presidents. Instead, I chose to celebrate solitude and the still-living Unelected Government Officials who proudly carry on the tradition of the Original Tax Cut, a.k.a., the American “Revolution.” For the rest of the weekend, I will bring you fatalistic musings on love and lonliness, and as many disturbing facts and rantings regarding the George W.’s as I can muster.

I look forward to the holidays of the approaching spring. Passover, when My People will celebrate how our deliverance from bondage necessitated the death of children, and Easter, when we commemorate the senseless execution of a preace-preaching radical.

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