On Watching Television Very Rarely

In which watching the 40 channels of free in-flight jetblue television causes me to briefly lose my will to live.

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Outdone By the Television Listings

“Come to an art party in Bushwick,” said the bright-eyed young hipsters, the wide-eyed young poets, the starry-eyed young lovers. “You can read a poem.” I found a poem. It was a found poem. I stomped through the snow. I read it while the sleet drummed stacatto outside, on all the hard surfaces of the […]

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Medical Drama

The doctor on television is desperately giving CPR to a character who’s only just been introduced in this episode, not even a special guest star but someone you vaguely recognize as having played the husband of the woman who was killed on the legal show and maybe the paramedic from the other medical drama, the […]

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