Local Women Climbers Inspire the Shit Out of Each Other

by Summer Jones

January 20, 2014 Yosemite, CA — Two female friends passed an enjoyable 24 hours discussing their love lives while road tripping to the mountains and subsequently encouraging the shit out of each other while climbing The Cookie, Right (5.9) at Cookie Cliff in Yosemite National Park.

“You can do this, Em! You are climbing so hard!” climber Summer Jones¬†shouted 80 feet up to friend and climbing partner Emily Weinstein, who grunted her way up a grovelly and awkward chimney, which was purportedly rated 5.6 but felt much harder. Both arrived at the top safely, at which point they simultaneously exclaimed, “Awesome job! You are such a good climber!”

At press time, the two were still congratulating each other on the day’s accomplishments and planning an all-female lead-swinging multi-pitch session. Both friends agreed that the highlight of the day was switching sports bras.

This guest post was inspired by The Onion.

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