They’re closing down that place where we give readings! Doesn’t that suck?

It does.

Where will we read now? I propose the roof of my apartment building. It’s beautiful up there in the sky, and I have devised a way to transport martinis safely up the stairs. The real estate developers are closing down the sky, too, by filling it with high-rise condos, but its many farewell performances have been top-notch.

There is, however, one last reading at Mo’ Pitkin’s House of Satisfaction and I will be reading in it. 8:00, this Sunday, October 14. It’s at 34 Avenue A between 2nd & 3rd Streets. Do come! We know not how much time is left for any of us! The apocalypse is nigh! Don’t be shy! Come, drink, listen! Afterwards we can go get some dumplings at the diner.

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