Research once again demands that I take to the road to observe certain people like the animals they are. This time the migratory subjects of my very serious study are roving the Teutonic nations, drinking in a van by day and rocking out by night, if previous research serves. And so I find myself in […]

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Cats, RATS & SuperLefty

Your very own SuperLefty will be a special guest in the RATS Reading Series at the Lucky Cat Bar this Saturday night. RATS is some kind of acronym I know not which, but whatever it is I probably disagree with it, as acronyms and institutions tend to go together. But let’s not hold that against […]

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Book Reports

In what passes for creative work in today’s schools, one of my students, an eighth-grader, has to write a children’s book explaining nuclear proliferation in North Korea. “It’s really depressing,” she said, “because it’s hard to describe nuclear warheads in a way that’s not scary.” This brought back memories of my own wildly inappropriate book […]

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