They’re Just Not Champions

I’ve only had about five minutes to adjust to the Mets’ postseason defeat, but so far I’m feeling pretty sanguine. I’ve got a new way of looking at things when it comes to my futile, fervent hopes that this team or that team will become World Champions, reap millions of dollars in endorsements, receive truly […]

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“I need to be home by two a.m.,” I said to my drinking companions.“It’s past two,” they replied.“Three, then.” I said. Three a.m. is an hour I know well. Nine a.m. on a Sunday is not an time I often see. But I was up at this hour the very next day to capitalize on […]

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This morning I celebrated this holiest of holy days of my so-called people by making a lovely bacon-egg-and-cheese sandwich. On a croissant. A sugary, buttered croissant. This act was not my irreligious act of choice, but it would have to do. What I really like to do on national or religious holidays is take hallucinogens […]

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