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SuperLefty has been tapped by some kind of vast liberal mega-blog. You may join the betting pool to see how long it takes before they notice she doesn’t really care about politics by sending an email Subject: SuperLefty Thinks All Politics Are A Method of Mind Control Betting Pool to the address at the bottom of this web page.

SuperLefty’s posts can be read here.

Other people’s posts can be read here. Other people whose posts you can read include various government officials and John Cusack.

As always, please continue to check in at superlefty.com for posts not related to evading the discussion of the machinations of pasty white men with far too much capital, or if you are seeking information on Laura Brannigan. (SuperLefty fun fact: 20% of all SuperLefty traffic comes from internet wanderers who Google “Laura Brannigan” and find this post.) Laura Brannigan update: still dead, unfortunately.

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