The Long Way Home

SuperLefty’s thirty days and thirty nights of wandering have come to an end. This morning SuperLefty awoke at 3:50 a.m. from a fitful night of outdoor sleep, pulled on borrowed rubber boots, fired up a borrwed flashlight and walked a steep quarter mile down a mountainside in the pouring rain to catch a bus she heard had dropped its steering column ten miles down the dirt road the previous evening. The sleep was fitful due to the remote but existent possibility of poisonous snakes on the dark path. Everyone kept saying they would only bite if trod upon, but for a clumsy person in the darkness this was not comforting. However, SuperLefty walked carefully into the tiny target of her flashlight and made it safely down to the bus stop, where at 5:00 a.m. sharp a bus appeared and drove her to the hot, swampy port town where she now sits, awaiting a tiny plane to bring her to a larger plane to bring her to the hotter, swampier port town she calls home. The organic farm was lovely and galloping horses on the beach while screaming, “Rapido! Rapido!” was exhilirating, but two days of rain in a place where all lights are solar powered has made SuperLefty guiltily nostalgic for fossil fuel consumption and a nightlife beyond swinging in a hammock, though SuperLefty is now concerned that when the fossil fuels run out and the apocalypse comes, those on the sustainable organic farm will be sustained and SuperLefty will perish in the escalating oil wars. SuperLefty’s wounds are all healing nicely, though just today her new pair of perfect $4 aviator sunglasses from the market in Granada finally met their end on the concrete floor of a soda (cheap restaurant) that seemed to house the town’s collection of weirdos and drunks. Luckily SuperLefty knows perfect aviator sunglasses when she sees them (she is rarely without them in daylight) and was smart enough to buy four more pairs. (What is an American abroad if not a smart shopper?) Other than that, casualties of this trip were minimal. Now, if you will excuse SuperLefty, she has one more errand to attend to before she boards the tiny plane. Someone gave SuperLefty a thoughtful gift she needs to disappear before she encounters any agents of airport security.

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