Has SuperLefty Hung Up Her Cape?

SuperLefty has been very quiet lately. Has she been bested by some right-handed nemesis? Finally found that fatal combination of illegal substances and dangerous kitchen equipment? Has she, as some of you have asked, hung up her cape? Does SuperLefty even have a cape? Is SuperLefty a even real superhero?

Is the Pope a former Nazi youth?

Of course SuperLefty is real, and you should definately leave a plate of special treats out for her every year on the Autumnal Equinox, which is SuperLefty’s birthday and National SuperLefty Day. SuperLefty never forgets the LittleLefties who leave her a plate of special treats, and when the Massive Revolution comes and SuperLefty is Supreme Benevolent Dictator, she will give special treats to all the LittleLefties who remembered her.

To answer your questions, SuperLefty has a cape. It may look like a red satin muumuu doctored with tempra paint, but it is, in fact, the cape of a real live superhero. SuperLefty may hang up her cape sometimes, but that’s only because she has borderline OCD. SuperLefty will never hang up her cape for good–or for evil.

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