It’s Wednesday Again in America

Arlen Specter is the new hope for keeping the U.S. out of my ovaries.

Why should being under investigation for gerrymandering keep Tom Delay from upholding our moral values as House Majority Leader?

Why, indeed.

The internet is jumping with frighteningly clever arguments for why the Vietnam-era phrase “we had to destroy the city in order to save it” applies to Fallujah. Does anyone believe that violence can stop something like this from happening? Does anyone believe that violence that causes this to happen is ever going to make anyone in the world safer?

Some people are nitpicking over the number of civilian casualties. They’re dubious that it can really be 100,000, while others say that since the invasion of Fallujah, the number could be as high as 300,000. They’re busy defending their methodology in counting up the number of people our government and its allies have killed so that they can make money buying and selling oil. Let’s just all agree that it passed the number “too many” a long time ago.

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