Fuck You, Curt Schilling

Curt Schilling, you are no longer our friend and confidant. You have done us wrong. We must now say to you what we say to all who believe the Moron Puppet is anything but a fascist willing to sacrifice all our lives at the altar of oil and no-bid defense contracts.


You will not be coming to my house for a beer any time soon. (I had another misconception of you–that you didn’t drink. You do. You drink alcohol and also, you drink from the well of deluded, colonizing, murdering idiocy.) You shall not advise me on important matters and you have nothing to teach me about mental toughness. When you buzz on my buzzer, dropping in on my friends and I as we watch the election returns much as we watched your World Series triumph last week, I will not say, “Hey guys, it’s Curt Schilling!” Instead, we will crowd around the buzzer and shout in unison, “FUCK YOU!”

You are nobody’s hero and no kind of champion, Curt Schilling. You are dead to me now.

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