Coming soon to SuperLefty: if not reason, maybe at least some reasons

Over the next few days I will bring you: Reasons Why We Lost This Election, Reasons Why It Was Fucked to Begin With, Reasons Why the Democrats Don’t Exist, Reasons Why the Republicans Don’t Exist, Reasons Why America as a Nation or Concept Has Never Been So Great and In Fact Has Been Primed for This Very Sort of Theocratic Takeover Since the Puritans Came Here to Found Their Own Original Theocracy and Killed the Native Americans in the Holiday We WIll Soon Celebrate, Reasons Why There Is No Fixed Meaning in the Political Landscape and It Is All An Enormous and Terrible Game in Which We Are Not Even Mere Pawns, Reasons Why The Only Answer is Immediate Global Anti-Capitalist Anti-Fundamentalist Revolution, Reasons Why George W. Bush is a Fascist and This Is Not A Missapplication of This Term, Reasons Why I am Expatriating and You Should, Too, Reasons Why I Think People Do Dumbfuck Things Like Vote for the Moron Puppet, Reasons Why We Should All Spend the Next Four Years Stoned Out of Our Minds (If We Weren’t Going to Anyway), Reasons Why We Should Go Lie Down in Traffic and Reasons Why We Should Go Drink Cappucino (a choice that SuperLefty top advisor Chloe Godwin often poses to herself in times of national crisis) Reasons Why I Will Not Be Heeding My Yoga Teachers and Dedicating My Practices To The Moron Puppet or Dick Cheney, No Matter How Bereft of Good Energy, Peace and Truth They May Be, and Reasons Why None of This Matters Because We Are All Our Own Self-Contained Nations of One Where We are Sovereign Kings and Queens Who Reign Supreme, Reasons Why We Are All Going to Die, and until then, Reasons Why We Are All Going to Live.

One Response to “Coming soon to SuperLefty: if not reason, maybe at least some reasons”
  1. the_hypocrat says:

    SuperLefty, I treasure your observations, which usually stand on their own in their wisdom and hilarity. But I believe the essays of this week, considering the sheer enormity of the event that reaffirmed my complete faithlessness in our electorate and system, deserve some added discussion. I ask you no more than to consider my comments and discard or comment on them as you deem appropriate.

    Have you considered the possibility that the election results can be simplified to one overarching if disturbing fact, that we now live in a completely reactionary/counter-reactionary epoch and Kerry’s message of moderation, whatever its logic, necessarily appealed to a minority? To me there are times of relative tranquility, when a compromise agenda like Clinton’s could draw voters, and there are times of reactionary upheaval, when compromise utterly fails to energize. There are two waves right now, oversimplified into the pro-War on Terror and the anti-War on Terror. The former is clearly still dominant, although one can only hope that as its complete hypocrisy is exposed, if it ever is, its foundation will collapse. Today we only see the hypocrisy exposed on the fringes, and only time will tell whether the curtain is opened. Considering the state of the media these days, whose primary agenda seems to be to duck the ‘liberal’ moniker, I have my doubts. All the side issues identified by the exit polls, ridiculous notions like morality, Christian fundamentalism, and leadership, all derive their significance today from this one reactionary wave.

    The second wave is smaller but growing…but also perhaps likely to collapse under its own failed momentum. There was light at the end of the tunnel at the beginning of November for many of these people, as if Kerry’s pro-war stance was likely to be significantly better than the Moron Puppet of Evil’s, to use your creatively appropriate phrase. Again, time will tell us whether this counter-reactionary wave can overtake the one that gave it birth. And again, given the magnitude of faith in my fellow Americans that they have provided me with thus far, I have my doubts.

    Although the medium is not terribly conducive to a expressive sharing of views, I ask you to consider my rationale, overly-succint as it is, in your continued discussions about the litany of reasons listed in your most recent essay.


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