SuperLefty Zooms Into the Late 1990’s

Hey! Look! The archives work! There aren’t that many, because Mecury was in retrograde for the last year-and-some and I was a lazy and neurotic loser, prone to starting posts, then drifting away from the computer for hours or days at a time, only to return and say, “Who wrote this? What is this angry ranting? I don’t think this should be put into a public forum for several, or even a dozen, people to read.” And then I would read some periodical literature, get angry, start a post, get distracted, and eventually wander off to engage in some combination of walking, talking, drinking, taking yoga classes, propogandizing impressionable youth, attending rock shows, looking for secluded places to smoke joints in the parks of New York City, attempting to connect every appliance in my house to my computer or watching cancelled television shows on DVD until I returned to the computer and said, “Who wrote this? What is this angry ranting?” Repeat ad nauseum.

But due to an increase in my dosage of over-the-counter Ritalin (otherwise known as espresso procured from the Mafia-run pastry shop next door) I am learning to remain seated at the computer long enough to finish posts. The fact that I now sit in an executive desk chair covered in fake tiger fur also helps keep me focused for minutes at a time.

So tell your friends. Tell your Friendsters. Say, “Read SuperLefty. Now With Archives.”

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