So Over

Here are some essays about things that are over. O-V-E-R. Not just over, but SO over. They are so over they ended a long time ago. They include: Williamsburg, the governorship of Eliot Spitzer, and my employment by those other than myself. It’s a beautiful day for senseless ranting and pointless grudges against the long-forgotten […]

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Who Is the Real Whore?

It continually surprises me that it continually surprises anyone that politicians screw whores. Or, for that matter, that they screw interns, movie stars, other men’s wives, their secretaries, their daughters’ friends, the women they meet at parties or the men they meet in public restrooms. They always have. They always will. Surely the jaded American […]

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Williamsburg is Over

The L train is doing that thing where it glides very slowly and silently under the river in slow-motion. There is no noise coming from the tracks; at this speed the wheels don’t clatter and the machinery doesn’t rattle. There’s just that low whine as the weird stuff on the walls of the tunnels slips […]

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