The Chiropractic Embrace

Kaveena told me that the bar looked like France, and it did. The walls were red, the light was dim and there was jazz. We were finishing up our wine, idly catching up on people and places. What a coincidence that we’d both recently taken up surfing. Maybe we could surf in Nicaragua, before it […]

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A Deeply Creepy Moment I Am Not Sure What To Make Of

A pasty, middle-aged man on the subway unabashedly picks his nose in a way that hints at mental illness. I try not to look at him but of course I do. A long, diagonal string of snot clings to his upper lip. He looks back at me and stares straight into my eyes. “If you […]

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What a beautiful feature, the way that passing the mouse pointer over a hyperlink on the internet causes the destination where it will take you to appear at the bottom of the browser window. I believe it’s called a mouseover. So many things would be so wonderful were they only possible in life as well […]

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