The other day I was reading my New Yorker on the [f***ing] G train when I smelled smoke. My neurotic fears of death by terrorism on the subway were trumped by my equally developed New Yorker non-plussability. The smell of smoke was in no way linked to any thoughts of death, nor to even consciousnly […]

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Digital Trauma

A month ago I slammed my finger in a door. I blame my boyfriend for this. We were in the bar where we went on what could be called our first date, which was actually a weekend-long hangout a little over a year ago. As I walked into the bathroom I was flooded with memories […]

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Please Forgive Us For the Slight Delay. We’re Sorry For Any Inconvenience It May Have Caused You.

Yes, there was a new post, but it had question marks where all the apostrophes and quotation marks should be, and that’s not very pleasant, is it? It will be here for your reading pleasure as soon as I have time to remove all the question marks and replace them with the proper punctuation. I […]

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