Martinis and the Middle East

While I have yet to answer the long-standing reader question on my thoughts on the Isreali-Palestinean issue, I feel ready to address Tony from Austrailia who wrties to ask, “What’s in a martini?” Well, Tony, that’s a very complicated question. Traditionally a martini is made of gin, but I actually prefer vodka. We all have […]

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The World We Live In

It’s been a pretty mellow, run-of-the-mill Friday here in Brooklyn. I went to yoga class with one of my favorite yoga teachers. I’ve been yoga-whoring around lately, trying to use up a book of yoga coupons that expires at the end of the year. It turns out that a free yoga class is not necessarily […]

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Not Dylan

The inhabitants of apartment A2 have been awaiting with rather frenzied anticipation the arrival of the second half of the Scorcese documentary on Dylan from Netflix. The inhabitants of apartment A2 admit to each other that they have been thinking about this documentary a lot, waiting impatiently for its arrival, longing to be watching it. […]

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